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Over the years, JTR Consulting Ltd. has created long-term relationships with many industry leaders. JTR Consulting Ltd. has maintained these relationships by focusing on quality service, reliability and integrity.

Today, JTR Consulting Ltd. operates through a close network of offices and partners throughout North America. JTR Consulting Ltd. has an extensive client base of Fortune 500 firms including some of the foremost technology companies including Bombardier, IBM Global Services, Microsoft Corporation and Rogers Communications to name a few. 

JTR Consulting Ltd.’s standard client meeting and search function is a concise 5 step process:
1. Analysis of Job Order Requirements
JTR Consulting Ltd. assesses the job description and reviews it with the client. A standard detailed checklist for the job order ensures only qualified candidates be submitted.
2. Database Search & Posting of Requirements
A detailed search is performed using the proprietary database of JTR Consulting Ltd.
3. Short List of Qualified Candidates
JTR Consulting Ltd. submits only the top 3 to 5 candidates after a very thorough screening process.
4. Discussion with Client on Pre-qualified Candidates
JTR Consulting Ltd. arranges interviews if the client is satisfied with submitted candidates.
5. Offer Mediation
JTR Consulting Ltd. mediates a win-win offer for both client and candidate.

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