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What's in a name? For JTR Consulting Ltd. it is about family.

The letters JTR were chosen for what it represents to the founder David Ross. The name is actually an acronym for Jeremy Thomas Ross, his son, who was born the year JTR Consulting Ltd. was incorporated.

The name also symbolizes a commitment that David has to his family:

"My company's name reminds me of what is important in life and that means balancing work and family. This is something that helps me with both my clients and candidates when advising them to make good decisions for their organizations, careers and families."

For David, having his own consulting business means a lot:

"Being self employed allows me the time to connect with the people I consult with. It allows me to build sound relationships with my clients and spend the time I need to develop a clear sense of my candidates' abilities. Making a great match is a very rewarding result. This is a legacy I hope to pass on to my son. Enjoy what you do and work with integrity and life will be good."


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