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JTR Consulting Ltd.'s standard client meeting and search function is a concise 5 step process:

1. Analysis of Job Order Requirements

JTR Consulting Ltd. assesses the job description and reviews it with the client. A standard detailed checklist for the job order ensures only qualified candidates be submitted.

2. Database Search & Posting of Requirements

A detailed search is performed using the proprietary database of JTR Consulting Ltd.

3. Short List of Qualified Candidates

JTR Consulting Ltd. submits only the top 3 to 5 candidates after a very thorough screening process.

4. Discussion with Client on Pre-qualified Candidates

JTR Consulting Ltd. arranges interviews if the client is satisfied with submitted candidates.

5. Offer Mediation

JTR Consulting Ltd. mediates a win-win offer for both client and candidate.


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