Who We Are

JTR Consulting was established in 2000 by David Ross.

David began his career focusing on recruiting Engineers, this did not last long. Very quickly, JTR was asked to expand it’s talent search into all areas of the market including, Banking, Accounting, Aerospace Industries, IT Specialization and Human Resources.

Excited at the prospect of recruiting for a variety of jobs and diverse talent, David dove straight in, head first, building a team of recruitment experts that represented these diverse fields.

Our Difference

The fact that we are a small company is what makes us successful. Our clients appreciate the personal attention that we give to every search take on.

Our candidates enjoy the personal attention they receive as we guide them through the hiring process. We know that changing jobs, moving abroad or finding the perfect hire is a stressful time.

We always go out of our way to respond quickly and professionally; to be there for you during these stressful times. You are not just an account or a resume to us, you are an individual and we promise to get to know you. We truly do care about your needs and will treat you with the respect and professionalism you deserve.

Teaching in the UK provides the perfect stepping stone to gain experience and eventually find a job back home.

Why Choose JTR?

Guaranteed Job

We take pride in knowing that our clients are 100% satisfied when they complete their placement with us. It is our guarantee that you will feel the same once the career begins with the assistance of JTR Consulting.


Our responsibility is to ensure that your placement is the right placement not only for you today but for you tomorrow. We take a personalized approach to delivering a service you can depend on.


From the moment you contact us until the moment you find your placement, we will provide you with all the support you need. Our experienced consultants will guide you through every step of the way.

The UK Connection

In 2004, JTR was contacted by a Council in the UK who needed help recruiting Canadian Social Workers in London.

This was our first step towards working with the UK, bringing with it fantastic results.

Canadian Social Workers helped transform the way Social Services were implemented in the UK. Both the Councils and the Social Workers worked together to set new standards to reform the Social Services Systems in London and its surrounding Boroughs. Being a part of this change has been extremely rewarding.

Currently, JTR has been asked by UK School Trusts to find qualified teachers. We have responded with a team of passionate education recruitment experts who have a broad and deep understanding of teacher recruitment.

In the same way that we responded to the need for Social Workers in the UK, we are committed to hiring the most inspired teachers and working with the most exceptional schools. Moving into the future, we will continue to focus on serving all our clients with integrity and will bring our personal touch and expertise to every opportunity and connection.

Our Philosophy

We focus on recruitment, training and retention of staff. Our personal, partnership approach, extensive knowledge of the marketplace and experienced staff allows us to respond to any special needs and requirements promptly and adeptly for each of our client’s individual needs.

We are adept at handling staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries. JTR Consulting Ltd. staff is strategically located across North America and has experience in areas such as Finance, IT, Insurance, Healthcare and Accounting.

A Professional Approach

Founded on March 15, 2000, we has carved a niche for ourselves by providing on-time solutions based on customer service, professionalism, commitment and quality.

Customer Service means that we are highly responsive to our client’s needs, which includes complete accessibility to JTR’s staff, regular communication, and timely turn around with candidate submissions.

Our professional approach and integrity ensures that there are no surprises and we are committed to finding only the best solution for our clients. We stands behind the quality of its candidates.

Teaching in the UK provides the perfect stepping stone to gain experience and eventually find a job back home.

Service & Integrity

Our service and integrity is unlike that of other personnel management service provider. We are rooted in extensive industry experience which enables a comprehensive and broad ranging analysis of candidate skills.

We ensure that effective communication occurs during all steps of the recruitment process by undergoing a steep learning curve upfront with the client to capture accurately the requirements for the position. JTR Consulting Ltd. then efficiently and effectively screens candidates until only the top quality ones are identified and submitted.

JTR Consulting Ltd. then follows through to the end of the recruitment process. JTR Consulting Ltd. focuses its recruitment efforts with an emphasis on the “right fit”.

JTR Consulting Ltd is also familiar with cultural backgrounds in many nations and has a thorough understanding of the importance of integration, which gives the company an international appeal.

JTR Consulting Ltd. has extensive experience in relocating people with both language and cultural differences, ensuring that candidate training on cultural and business awareness occurs as part of their relocation package.

What’s In A Name

For JTR Consulting Ltd. it is about family. The letters JTR were chosen for what it represents to the founder David Ross. The name is actually an acronym for Jeremy Thomas Ross, his son, who was born the year JTR Consulting Ltd. was incorporated.

The name also symbolizes a commitment that David has to his family. My company’s name reminds me of what is important in life and that means balancing work and family. This is something that helps me with both my clients and candidates when advising them to make good decisions for their organizations, careers and families.

For David, having his own consulting business has meant a lot to him personally as well as professionally.

Being self employed allows me the time to connect with the people I consult with. It allows me to build sound relationships with my clients and spend the time I need to develop a clear sense of my candidates’ abilities. Making a great match is a very rewarding result.

This is a legacy I hope to pass on to my son. Enjoy what you do and work with integrity and life will be good.

JTR Consulting Ltd.

A recruitment agency providing flexible and permanent staffing solutions for individuals and organizations.

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